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      About Taida Textiles

      Contact Taida Textiles

      Add:Xishan development zone furong three road 99, WuXi


      Miss. Luo/13861870267

      Companies in Changzhou

      Add:ChangWu road 801, ChangZhou


      Mr. Shao/13961445201

      Contact Us
      Wuxi Taida Textile Technology Co. Ltd.
      Wuxi branch:
      Xishan District, Wuxi City, 99 three road, No.
      Phone: 0510-81017600 zip code: 214192
      Changzhou branch:
      Changzhou Chang Wu Zhong Road 801
      Phone: 0519-83983990 zip code: 213164
      Business phone: 13961445201; 13961418277; 18915077699; 13861870267
      Business QQ number: 364303636; 932025976
      Official Fax: +86-519-83983990
      Wxtd88@hotmail.com; Emai:wxtdkj@163.com
      Official website: http://www.gfbff.com
      Taida Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is organic cotton, cotton, raw materials, yarn, fabrics, infant clothing professional manufacturer and marketer of, with international certification of gots, OCS and GRS certificate, is currently China's largest, most professional, varieties of organic cotton, cotton producers. Welcome customers call us!
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