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      About Taida Textiles

      Contact Taida Textiles

      Add:Xishan development zone furong three road 99, WuXi


      Miss. Luo/13861870267

      Companies in Changzhou

      Add:ChangWu road 801, ChangZhou


      Mr. Shao/13961445201

      About Us
      Wuxi Taida Textile Technology Co., Ltd is joint-stock enterprise mainly in textile new material high technology research and application based, is a high-tech enterprises in Jiangsu Province.
      Company's existing staff of 328 people, the company set cultivation, spinning, fabric R &amp; D, production and marketing in one, the development "green, green, eco products, promotion of green marketing as a business philosophy
      The company has always attached great importance to technological innovation, there are 5 international patents. In 2008, the company passed ISO9001 and ISO14001 certification, in 2009, the product passed the Oeko-Tex certification of Standdard 100. Company of organic cotton and natural color cotton products in the domestic counterparts in the first EU gots and OCS organic certification. Wuxi company is one of the key development of the Twelfth Five Year Plan
      The company has advanced production equipment, can produce air spinning, ring spinning, siro spinning and precision spinning, knitting and woven fabrics
      Company production 7S-JC80S combed yarn, all kinds of pure cotton and blended (cotton, polyester cotton, Tencel, Lycra / spandex, bamboo fiber, soybean fiber, modal, COMAX etc.) yarns and fabrics, home textiles and other.
      The TEDA people the spirit of "diligence, honesty, innovation, first-class and efficient" spirit of enterprise, production of yarn, fabric and bedding are Europe and the United States, Japan, Southeast Asia, more than 30 countries and regions.
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